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What to Expect

At your photoshoot we like to take the time to get to know you. Your photographer will ask you about your family, your hobbies and your interests. We don't want you to just stare at the camera and smile, we want you to show us the real YOU.
We suggest you bring things with you to your shoot that show what you like to do as individuals, and as a family. 

During the shoot your photographer will get you interacting and having fun together, this will make sure that every smile and expression you see on your final images is genuine. We find that getting every family member involved in the shoot maximises it and shows those grumpy toddlers (and teenagers) that you are all willing to get stuck in.

In general, anything goes in your shoot but the best way to find out what is going to work best is to talk to your photographer and tell them what you have in mind, however weird or wonderful, lets face it we have probably heard it before!



1. What should I wear?
Obviously you are going to want to look amazing, so just think  'Me on my best day' . You will also be moving around quite a bit so think about comfort.

2. What should I bring with me?
We want to see you and your family's personality so this is really down to what screams YOU. Popular things include; toys, sports equipment and clothing, walking gear, games, books, blankets. Your imagination is the limit

3. How long will the shoot take?
We allow 2 hours but this is generally just allowing breathing room and we find most shoots take around 1 hour, most children (or husbands) won't last longer than this.

4. When can I come and choose my pictures?
At the end of your shoot your Photographer will book an appointment for you to come and choose. Our general aim is between 3 & 7 days later so bring a diary and make sure you know when you are available.

5. Does everyone need to come on the photos?
We find that you will get more out of the shoot if the whole family attends and joins in. Firstly it relaxes everyone more into the environment (Think what your toddler will be like if you plonk them straight in a big white room on their own). Secondly who wants a 'Family' picture with someone missing?

6. What facilities do you have?
We have a toilet & a changing room with baby changing facilities.

7. Do you have disabled access?
Unfortunately our street is steep and cobbled. Our studio is also upstairs. We would recommend speaking to us before booking in and explaining your concerns or even popping in to view the studio to find out if we are suitable for the disabled member of your family.

8. What are your opening times?

Generally we have appointments available Thursday - Sunday but as an appointments based studio we may not be available if you just drop by so please call or message to make an appointment before coming to the studio.


Find Us

Conveniently located in the centre of Macclesfield, we can be found at;


21 Back Wallgate 


SK11 6LQ

3 minutes walk from the bus station

5 minutes walk from the train station


Our nearest car park is Waters Green and we recommend this is what you put into your sat nav as our road is a tricky drive. 

The car park costs just £2.20 for 3 hours and we advise you put this long on, just incase your appointment runs over.

Parking is free after 18:00 & on Sundays.

Other Local Car Parks

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